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Black Anima Vinyl Album + CD Insert

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Release Date: 11/10/2019

Discs: 2

Hot off chart-smashing full-length Delirium and ground-breaking, widely-applauded The 119 Show, Italy-based gothfathers Lacuna Coil return with stunning new full-length Black Anima.

Both a paradigm shift and a respectful look back to the early days, Black Anima spreads its wings and flies high above the rest of the pack. Lacuna Coil’s ninth full-length is epic, atmospheric, groovy, heavy yet forward-thinking.

Vocalist Cristina Scabbia is transcendent throughout. Her vocal partner Andrea Ferro has viciously transformed into a beast, while the rest of Lacuna Coil—including new drummer Richard Meiz—give the performance of their lifetimes. Just as Comalies, Shallow Life, and Delirium were pivotal moments for the Italians and their global network of fans, Black Anima takes Lacuna Coil’s greatness to the next-level!

Says Ferro: “Like Delirium, we wanted to be freer. If the music called for a heavier arrangement—like double bass drums, deeper growls, or having Cristina go epic—then we went for it. We didn’t really think about songs that would be for the radio or songs that would be singles. We had to stir things up a little bit.”

LP Tracklisting
A1. Anima Nera
A2. Sword Of Anger
A3. Reckless
A4. Layers Of Time
A5. Apocalypse
A6. Now Or Never
B1. Under The Surface
B2. Veneficium
B3. The End Is All I Can See
B4. Save Me
B5. Black Anima

Tracklisting CD
1. Anima Nera
2. Sword Of Anger
3. Reckless
4. Layers Of Time
5. Apocalypse
6. Now Or Never
7. Under The Surface
8. Veneficium
9. The End Is All I Can See
10. Save Me
11. Black Anima